Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Weekend of Memories: Old and New

I had the wonderful opportunity to go visit my best friend since middle school this weekend, and I seized upon it mercilessly!  I started the trip with a quick stop to the Big Peach Running Company, armed with a 10% off coupon courtesy of my best running buddy, Ken, I put myself in the capable hands of the shop pros.  They tested the arc of my feet and analyzed my tread on their testing equipment.  Then, out came a variety of shoes to try.  I left with a pair of Brooks DNA Ghost 4s.  I'll post a review Monday after my run.

The trip to the farm took me through Chattanooga and then through some back roads through a gorgeous mountain range.  I hardly stopped to look, though, because I was so eager to see my friend Kristin and her family.  Although they have lived out in San Jose, CA, for many years, they still travel once a year or so to visit Kris' parents and the farm that has been in her family since the early 1800s.

I met up with Kristin at her parents' house in McMinnville and we drooled over each other and told lies about how we still looked like teenagers.  Then we went in, toured the house, and shared family photos.  After a nice dinner and visit, we headed out to the farm, a 20-minute drive.  I couldn't see much in the dark, but I instantly felt right at home.

The next morning, Kristin's hubby, Philip, and I took a nice 4-mile run through the meadow and onto the back roads.  The first overgrown rutted track led us straight up a hill and I thought I was going to die before I even went a quarter of a mile.  However, we found the road and I found my stride.  Forty minutes later and we were back at the farm, steamy and smiling!

The rest of the day included delicious jambalaya, a tour of the farm, a nice swing in the front yard, and lots and lots of good conversation.  Kristin's family is wonderful.  Her kids are as sweet as they are beautiful!  I didn't expect anything less.  It is always so easy to pick back up from wherever we left off last.

This morning, Phil took Kristin and me for a WILD ride in the old pick-up truck, bouncing through the prairie and over to the spring.  It was so cool and dark among the rocks and water trickles.  We took a bunch of photos, some really nice and others quite goofy.  I couldn't wait to post them on Facebook!

It was very very hard to say goodbye when I left this afternoon, and I sort of felt like Cinderella turning back into a pumpkin.  I wish so very much that we could see each other more often.  I think our whole families would get along marvelously.  I'm just thankful for this time and hopeful there will be plenty more such times.  There's nothing like having a friend who knows just about all your deep, dark secrets and your shining moments as well, and can laugh and cry over them with you as needed.  Kris, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!

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