Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monthly Recap & Goals - May

Eek!  It has been over a month since I have posted, and a lot has happened since then.  However, I want to at least address progress toward goals for the month of May before I dive into two more exciting race reports for June.

May Highlights: 
  • Total miles run: 205.71 miles (first time with over 200 miles in a month!)
  • Total number of workouts: 24
  • Fastest training run: 6 miles in 44:54 (7:29 pace) on May 17
  • Longest training run: 16.07 miles run in 2:11:35 (8:11 pace) on May 19
  • Race: Twisted Ankle Trail Marathon in 5:43:01 (13:06 pace

I also had a record 60-mile week right after the Twisted Ankle, so, even though my pace was very slow, I was able to recover from a 26.2-mile run with relative ease.

Meanwhile, I also decided to bump up my annual mileage goal from 1500 miles to 1800 miles.  I honestly think I might hit 2000, but I'd rather have some padding just in case I sustain a minor injury along the way.

This month I have really enjoyed running with several friends: Cyrille, Sang, Rob C., Francis, Shawna, Katie, Elise, Isabel, Charlie, Libby, Danielle, Tom, and Paul.  They are all great athletes, and it has been wonderful getting to know each of them better!