Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monthly Recap & Goals - February

Another month of running, another chance to review and project.

February Highlights:
  • Total miles run: 146 miles
  • Total number of workouts: 18
  • Longest training run: 20.2 miles in 3:15:03 (9:40 pace) on Feb. 12
  • Fastest training run: 6.1 miles in 47:36 (7:49 pace) on Feb. 14 - a personal best
  • Ran Berry Half Marathon in 1:45:54 (8:05 pace) on Feb. 18 - a new PR
February was a bit different from January in a few ways.  I ran a few less miles and took a few more rest days, partly in preparation for, and subsequent to, the Berry Half Marathon.  The two days before the race really helped re-charge my engine and set me up for success during the race.  I highly recommend it!  Because I ran a bit harder than I expected to, I felt I needed a bit more rest time afterward too.  Then, at the end of the month, I caught a cold and took a fall, which hampered another couple of the planned runs.  That, plus needing to rest before the upcoming marathon, has kept me benched more than I thought I would be.

Marathon training has gone very well, with just a couple of exceptions.  First, having the half marathon only two weeks before the marathon was not ideal.  The half took a slight toll on my knees.  I really regret having not done more of my PT lately, and I'm vowing to get back to it after the race like I have done this past week.  Second, the cold and the fall not only took training time away, but also left me with a bit less confidence.  I know I will just go out there on marathon day and do my best, but in the last few days, I've become increasingly nervous about my knees, about my will power, about the stormy weather and wind expected, about the extra-warm temperatures, and about the possibility that I might fall again.  I'm worse than an expectant mother!

Goals review:
  1. Run the Berry Half Marathon on Feb. 18 in under 2 hours.  If I am lucky, I hope to break 1:52.  Well, I guess I knocked this one out of the water - yay!
  2. Plan to run a race every month in 2012.  So far, I'm 2 for 2, with March's race coming up.
  3. Complete my first marathon.  In 2 short days I should be able to cross this one off!
  4. Get a 10K time of 47:59 some time in 2012 so I can be up with the big boys in Corral A for the 2013 Peachtree.  I'll need to wait until later in the year for this one, although my half marathon was only 7 measly seconds off the needed time.  Oh well...
  5. Stay healthy and injury-free.  I'm in a little bit of danger with this one.  I have a feeling my knees are going to need a lot of TLC after the marathon.  I intend to give them all I can.
I know that during the marathon I will think of every single person who means a lot to me and who has inspired me in my running pursuits.  It is a blessing to be encouraged by many friends and fellow runners.  It's good to be understood and accepted no matter how things go.  It is powerful to rest in the knowledge that I will have undertaken the hardest thing I think I have ever attempted in my life.  All of these emotions will be swirling around in my head.

Now I continue to rest and wait.  As soon as I am able, I will post marathon photos and stories!

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  1. You've accomplished so many amazing goals already!! As you get ready for your FIRST marathon tomorrow, I want to wish you good luck! Don't forget to enjoy it and live in the moment. I can't wait to hear all about it!