Saturday, February 4, 2012

Runners Are Kindred Spirits

I find it interesting that people who don't run often have very similar negative reactions to those of us who do.  These reactions range from staring like we've sprouted a third eye, to telling us how much they hate running, or even complaining about how bad running is for one's health.  At least I find comfort in the fact that, as exasperating as these looks and comments can be, the support from fellow runners is even more powerful and positive.

Other runners "get" us in a way no one else seems to.  Whenever I meet someone who runs, I instantly feel drawn to them, and want to get to know them better.  I guess that's why I love the Daily Mile web site.  Daily Mile is like Facebook geared especially for runners.  Not only does it keep track of daily, weekly, and monthly miles, but it also serves as a place where runners can comment on the postings of friends.  Each day (and especially on the weekends) I look forward to posting my run stats (distance, pace, location, and general remarks) and to viewing those of fellow running friends.  We routinely congratulate each other on great race times, fast or long training runs, and other milestones.  We also console each other or commiserate when one of us has an "off" run, an injury, an illness, or just a temporary lack of motivation.

I feel so lucky to have such great friends on Daily Mile.  Some are far better athletes than I can ever hope to be, and some are right in my same range of ability.  No matter how fast they run, though, they all reach out through cyber space to support fellow runners by commenting on the runs of others.  I definitely feel understood when I read the comments made to my own posts.

It's only four short weeks until marathon time, and I still can't quite believe I am going to join the ranks of those who proudly display their 26.2 bumper stickers and medals.  I'm just so glad that several of my Daily Mile friends will also be there with me in Albany, Georgia, so we can all celebrate at the finish line!  Until then, I still have a few "miles to go before I sleep..."

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